一) 安養院/老人養護中心的選擇
二) 行動不便、大小便無法自理時
三) 病危時
四) 如何處理身後事
五) 嚥下最後一口氣後
六) 簡單隆重的喪禮儀式
七) 出殯日期
八) 安葬方式
九) 喪禮儀式
十) 家祭儀式
十一) 公祭儀式
十二) 送行
十三) 出殯之日
十四) 我的個人要求
十五) 我的社群網站處理
十六) 我不要不圓滿的離世
十七) 掃墓
十八) 喪事圓滿後
十九) 往生後的交辦事項
二十) 百日


1. Choosing a nursing home/retirement center
2.When I unable move freely and self-care become difficult
3.During critical illness
4. Handling matters after my passing
5.After taking the last breath:
6.Simple yet dignified funeral ceremony:
7.Funeral date
8.Burial method
9.Funeral Ceremony
10.Ancestral Rituals:
11.Public Memorial Ritual
12.See someone off
13.Day of Burial
14.My Personal Requests
15.Handling My Social Media Accounts
16.I don't want to depart with any unresolved matters
17.Grave Sweeping
18.After the completion of the funeral
19.Post-death arrangements
20.Hundredth Day Ritual


In order to write my will, I consulted with Google to see if there were any sample will templates available for reference. However, the shared articles were all about "how to effectively write a will," etc. What I envisioned was to create a bucket list so that on the day of my dead, my children and grandchildren can handle my funeral according to my preferences.

Since there are no templates available for reference, I'll have to create one from scratch.


一) 安養院/老人養護中心的選擇

  1. 入住安養院/老人養護中心,可考慮: a) 永信松柏園 b) 長庚醫院附設的養護中心
  2. 與內人xx住一起的單獨套房,如果有那麼一天。


1. Choosing a nursing home/retirement center

  1. Consider the following options for residency: a) Evergreen Pine Gardens  b) Long-term care center affiliated with Chang Gung Hospital
  2. If there comes a day when I can live together with my spouse xx, then a double bed suite would be desirable.



  1. 兩種選擇:僱用外籍看護,或委託長照公司,不必因為要盡孝道而勉強兒孫,造成親人的負擔。
  2. 但務必經常不定時常前來探視我(每週每人至少一次),防止外籍看護孽待。
  3. 記得最少要每天或每兩天幫我洗頭、沐浴、刮鬍子及更衣(可以付費委託他人為之)。


2.When I unable move freely and self-care become difficult

  1. Two options to consider: hiring a caregiver or entrusting a long-term care company. This way, there is no need to burden my children and grandchildren solely out of filial duty.
  2. However, it is essential to regularly visit me without a fixed schedule (at least once a week per person) to prevent any mistreatment by caregivers.
  3. Please remember to wash my hair, bathe me, shave, and change my clothes every day or every other day (these tasks can be entrusted to others for a fee).

The expenses for the above first and second items will be covered by our own savings. If the savings are depleted, we can find cost-effective ways to handle them.




  • 不用插管不用急救。
  • 可使用麻啡止痛藥,令其不再有身體上的痛苦。
  • 不要有過多不必要的治療。

2 如果可以送我回家再斷氣,是最好不過了。


3.During critical illness

1.Please inform me about my condition in handwriting (remember to put on my reading glasses) and ask me whether to pursue emergency treatment or give up. I will indicate my decision with a nod or shake of the head, unless my will to survive is strong. If I shake my head, please proceed as follows:

  • No intubation or emergency measures are necessary.
  • Pain relief medication, such as morphine, may be administered to alleviate physical discomfort.
  • Avoid excessive and unnecessary treatments.

2.If possible, it would be best to bring me back home before my last breath.




  1. 盡量讓我優雅的跟大家道再見
  2. 咽下最後一口氣前,如果時間許可,要子女全部回家,圍繞在我身邊;那時候你們如果不怕病危的我,就一一的握著我的手,或是跟我擁抱,跟我說再見。
  3. 最好可以讓我在家中嚥下最後一口氣。
  4. 出殯前大體置放家中,不要選擇在殯儀館。我的脾氣古怪,不喜歡與ㄧ大群不熟識的「人」擠在一起。

4. Handling matters after my passing

1.Die a natural death

  1. Please try to ensure that I bid farewell to everyone with grace.
  2. Before I take my final breath, if time permits, gather all of my children at home, surrounding me. If you are not afraid of the critically ill me at that time, each of you should hold my hand, embrace me, and say goodbye.
  3. It would be best if I could take my last breath at home.
  4. Keep my body at home before the funeral, rather than choosing a funeral parlor. I have peculiar preferences and do not like being crowded with a large group of unfamiliar "people."


2. 如果意外死亡時

  1. 在海外意外死亡:
  2. 在國內意外死亡:

2.In the event of accidental death:

  1. If the accident occurs overseas:
    Follow the local government's regulations, and if permitted, carry out cremation locally. Bring back the ashes for a tree burial or a natural burial ceremony at home. If the body cannot be found, go to our ancestral hall and inform my parents, burning incense to report my passing. As for whether it is necessary to perform ancient rituals such as summoning the soul, it will be up to you to decide. Keep the funeral simple.
  2. If the accident occurs domestically:
    Transport the body back and follow the "Die a natural death" procedure.


五) 嚥下最後一口氣後


  1. 以溫水沐浴,我怕冷。
  2. 換一套全新合身平價深色西裝(44號)、白襯衫(領圍15吋)、深色領帶、深色西褲(腰圍29吋)、黑皮鞋(42EU)(平價服飾連鎖店採購即可),還有記得幫我穿內衣褲、黑色襪子,及繫皮帶。記得我不要穿老嫁妝壽衣,我要瀟灑的跟你們說再見。
  3. 如果方便,先幫我理髮、染黑色頭髮、刮鬍子儀容整理,可在病危時(或病危前)先行之。


5.After taking the last breath:

Before my body is placed in the coffin or dressed, please make sure to perform the following preparations:

  1. Give me a warm water bath as I am sensitive to cold.
  2. Dress me in a new, well-fitting, affordable dark suit (size 44), a white shirt (15-inch collar), a dark tie, dark trousers (29-inch waist), black leather shoes (EU size 42) (purchasable from a budget clothing store). Also, remember to put on underwear, black socks, and fasten a belt for me.Note that I don't want to be dressed in traditional funeral attire. I want to bid farewell to you all in a stylish manner.
  3. If possible, please arrange for a haircut, dye my hair black, and groom my facial hair before the final moments. This can be done during the critical phase of illness or prior to it.


六) 簡單隆重的喪禮儀式

1. 喪禮不需繁文縟節

  1.  葬禮費用:20萬元以內,用我留下的手尾錢來辦我的喪事即可。
  2. 喪葬儀式只要簡單隆重
  3.  以誦經祈福方式進行
  4.  不要孝女哭墓、弄樓、獅公、搭橋、功德壇…等儀式,不要人死了還用熱鬧的方式辦理。
  5.  不用燒庫錢(庫銀)、冥紙,我會受不了燒庫錢的煙霧。
  6. 不用準備亡者身後的紙紮屋、紙汽車、紙電視、紙傭人…等,我相信依我勞祿命的個性,在西方極樂世界重新找口飯吃應該不困難。
  7.  四位兒女每人自己撰寫一篇1000字的祭父文,在家祭典禮時於靈前逐句大聲唸出,對父親的感念與不捨。
  8. 不用遵守古禮,不用守靈,晚上11點大家就可以各自回房休息。




6.Simple yet dignified funeral ceremony:

1.The funeral ceremony should not be overly elaborate.

  1. The funeral expenses should be within NT$200,000. Please use the money I have left behind to arrange for my funeral.
  2. Keep the funeral ceremony simple yet dignified.
  3. Conduct chanting and prayers for blessings.
    If you are unable to personally recite the scriptures by my side, then let me have a quiet moment. Please refrain from playing recorded Buddhist chants.
  4. Avoid rituals such as daughters crying at the gravesite, constructing towers, lion dances, bridge-building ceremonies, merit altars, etc. Let there be no lively and boisterous proceedings after I has passed away.
  5. There is no need to burn ancestral money or paper offerings. I cannot bear the smoke from burning ancestral money.
  6. There is no need to prepare paper replicas of houses, cars, televisions, maids, etc., for the deceased. I believe that, given my nature, I should have no difficulty finding sustenance in the heaven of heavens.
  7. Each of my four children should write a 1000-word eulogy and read it aloud before the altar during the home memorial ceremony, expressing their gratitude and sorrow towards their father.
  8. No need to follow traditional customs. There is no requirement to keep vigil or stay with the body. Everyone can return to their rooms and rest by 11 PM.

2.If you wish to create a video in remembrance of me before my passing, I am open to the idea.

3.As I have always been frugal, there is no need for extravagant expenses, such as flying business class for overseas trips. I also do not want my descendants to overspend on my funeral.


七) 出殯日期



7.Funeral date

If you wish to choose an auspicious date for the funeral and consult a Feng Shui master, I have no objections.

During the mourning period, it would be best if siblings can gather together. This can help maintain the bond between siblings and prevent the estrangement of sibling relationships when your parents are no longer with you.



  1. 火化後採用樹葬或草葬,不需再採購昂貴的棺木及骨灰罈。 
  2. 不要土葬,已經不流行,也不要將骨灰罈供奉在靈骨塔,太多人住在一起,我的脾氣不好,會常常跟別人起衝突的。

8.Burial method

  1. After cremation, opt for either tree burial or grass burial. There is no need to purchase expensive coffins or urns.
    Remember, the funeral budget is limited to NT$200,000.
  2. Avoid traditional burial as it is no longer popular. Also, please refrain from placing the urn in a columbarium. Living together with too many people can lead to conflicts, and my temperament is not suitable for such situations.




  1. 喪禮儀式可任採以下之一方式行之:佛教儀式 或道教儀式
  2. 死後可以不需選擇時日、不印訃聞、不收白包奠儀;
  3. 逝世至出殯:最好控制在5天內
  4. 不需通知太多的親朋好友來出席告別式。

9.Funeral Ceremony

There is no need for excessive superstition. Please discuss and reach a consensus among yourselves, my siblings.

  1. The funeral ceremony can be conducted in one of the following ways:Buddhist ceremony, orTaoist ceremony.
  2. After my passing, there is no need to choose an auspicious date, print obituaries, or receive condolence money.
    However, you may set up a mourning hall. In front of the mourning hall, there should be no burning of incense. When relatives and friends come to pay their respects, simply stating their names will suffice, as I cannot tolerate the smoke from burning incense. The mourning table and its surroundings must be cleaned daily.
  3. Ideally, the period from passing to cremation should be within 5 days.
  4. There is no need to notify too many relatives and friends to attend the farewell ceremony.



兒子及媳婦: 需行三跪九叩首大禮

女兒及女婿: 更需行三跪九叩首大禮,跪在靈前感謝岳父放心的將女兒的幸福交給你們,用意在讓兒孫知道心存感恩,如果女婿有困難也不用勉強為之。

10.Ancestral Rituals

You may conduct ancestral rituals and public memorial ritual at home. The ancestral rituals should follow the example set by Aunt Lin.

For sons and daughters-in-law: Perform the three kneels and nine kowtows as a gesture of respect.

For daughters and sons-in-law: In addition to the three kneels and nine kowtows, it is important to kneel before the spirit and express gratitude to the father-in-law for entrusting the happiness of their daughter to you. This is done to instill a sense of gratitude in the descendants. If the son-in-law faces difficulties, there is no need to force himself into the rituals.




1 生平事蹟


11.Public Memorial Ritual

It is advisable to keep the duration of the ritual short, preferably within 30 minutes, as longer durations may make the attendees impatient.


Prepare a personal biography of myself, a modest and factual account (approximately 500 words). It should be read aloud by Yu Hsien during the public memorial service. Please avoid using a standardized format from a funeral service provider and refrain from hiring their emcee to read it. My biography can be found on Google or by searching: https://rodgeralyawater.wordpress.com/


2 致謝文



⑴ 感謝來賓對家父生前的照顧與幫忙。

⑵ 感謝贈送花籃…

⑶ 喪事期間造成鄰居生活上的不便,加以致歉與感謝





Express your gratitude in your own way, speaking from the heart in front of the attendees. Avoid using standardized thank-you speeches from funeral service providers and refrain from hiring an emcee to read them.

The content of the gratitude expressed to the attendees of the farewell ceremony can include the following:

  1. Thank the attendees for their care and assistance during our father's lifetime.
  2. Express gratitude for the floral arrangements and other gifts received.
  3. Apologize and express appreciation for any inconveniences caused to neighbors during the mourning period.
  4. Thank relatives and friends who regularly visited and provided support during the mourning period.

Prepare a valuable, generous, and practical peace gift to individually thank the attendees and relatives who came to the public memorial service.



  1. 不用迷信
  2. 堅持妻子送我最後一程,

12.See someone off

  1. Not superstitious
    In Taiwanese tradition, it is customary for the surviving spouse not to accompany their deceased partner to the final resting place. This practice symbolizes the continuity of their love even after death. However, at an old age, it's unlikely for someone to seek a new romantic relationship. Let go of this superstition and focus on what feels right for you.
  2. Insist on my wife accompanying me
    It is important to you that my wife accompanies my on my r final journey. I don't mind if others choose not to accompany me, but I want Shiu Ming to be there with me, from the funeral home to the crematorium and until the final burial. Even if you may not feel my presence at that moment,I believe that I will find You there to bid you farewell, and that will bring me peace.





13.Day of Burial

  1. Remember to take my ashes and memorial tablet to our factory and make a circuit around it, allowing me to have a final look at the fruits of my lifelong efforts and hard work.
  2. Due to limited funeral budget, please refrain from accepting last-minute sponsorships from relatives, friends, or vendors that would make the funeral extravagant. Also, do not parade my body around in a hearse (it would make me uncomfortable). Avoid causing traffic disruptions. I would remain angry until my burial if this happens. Remember, I am not someone who enjoys lively events.




  1. 記住我常年如素,一切供品都要用素食。
  2. 如果你們要供奉鬼神的祭品(葷食),請將它分開,並且每次都讓我知道,以免我誤會及不高興。
  3. 不要用禮儀社準備的塑膠小碗盛白飯、素料…等。
  4. 每次或每餐祭拜的供物準備,只要炒一盤熱騰騰的青菜,加上一碗熱騰騰的白飯即可,就像秀敏每天上班前幫我準備的早餐一樣,家祭及公祭也用一樣的方式。
  5. 如果要準備水果祭拜,只要少許幾樣即可。
  6. 家祭儀式及公祭典禮,不要燒香祭拜。
  7. 不需為了面子好看而浪費食物,不要去買素雞、素魚…來祭拜,因為我也不吃這些素料。
  8. 請尊重我最後的要求,這是我的喪禮,以我的方式去辦理。



14.My Personal Requests

Whether during the mourning period, family ancestral rites, public memorial ceremony, or the one-hundred-day commemoration, please follow the following guidelines when conducting rituals and arranging offerings:

  1. Remember that I have been a vegetarian throughout my life, so all offerings should be vegetarian.
  2. If you wish to offer non-vegetarian items as offerings to deities or spirits, please keep them separate and inform me each time to avoid misunderstandings or displeasure.
  3. Do not use plastic bowls provided by the funeral home for serving rice and vegetarian dishes.
  4. For each ritual or meal offering, simply prepare a plate of freshly cooked vegetables and a bowl of steaming rice, just like the breakfast that Shiu Ming prepares for me every morning. Use the same approach for family ancestral rites and public memorial ceremonies.
  5. If offering fruits, a few varieties will suffice.
  6. Do not burn incense during family ancestral rites and public memorial ceremonies.
  7. Do not waste food for the sake of appearances. Avoid buying vegetarian chicken, fish, and other mock meats for the offerings, as I do not consume these items.
  8. Please respect my final request. This is my funeral, and it should be conducted according to my wishes.

During public memorial ceremonies and family ancestral rites, if there are concerns about the offerings on the altar being too minimal or different from other deceased individuals, feel free to explain using a microphone to relatives and guests that this was specifically instructed by the deceased father.

It is crucial to discuss and reach a consensus with the funeral home's master of ceremonies regarding these details, without being influenced by the funeral home's insistence on "traditional customs." If the master of ceremonies insists on outdated practices, I recommend changing the master of ceremonies or even the funeral home itself.



1 在我的以下個人社群媒體中,用妳們的名字屬名po文,告知我的粉絲好友,我過世的消息,並感謝幫忙過我的朋友、貴人…

  1. 臉書
  2. 痞客邦
  3. LinkedIn
  4. 我的個人官網

2 需關閉的帳號:


  1. 臉書
  2. 痞客邦
  3. LinkedIn
  4. 微信
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Uber
  7. gmail信箱
  8. YouTube
  9. instagram
  10. Grab
  11. Viber
  12. LINE


15.Handling My Social Media Accounts

1.On the following personal social media platforms, please use your names to post messages informing my fans and friends of my passing and expressing gratitude to those who have helped me.

  1. Facebook
  2. Pixnet
  3. LinkedIn
  4. My personal website

2.Accounts to be closed

Approximately 3 months after notifying the social media platforms, please close all of the following personal accounts (except for my personal website):

  1. Facebook
  2. Pixnet
  3. LinkedIn
  4. WeChat
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Uber
  7. Gmail inbox
  8. YouTube
  9. Instagram
  10. Grab
  11. Viber
  12. LINE



  1. 繳清我的信用卡並取消,不要在我離世後還有負債。
  2. 在我完成此「離世清單」時,除了公司的應付帳款外,我個人應該沒有負債;如果有任何偽稱我個人在世時,欠對方任何金錢的人上門,請務必查清楚。

16.I don't want to depart with any unresolved matters:

  1. Please ensure that my credit cards are paid off and canceled, so there are no debts remaining after my passing.
  2. By completing this "Bucket list," apart from any outstanding company payables, I shouldn't have any personal debts. If anyone claims that I owe them money while I was still alive, please investigate the matter thoroughly.




17.Grave Sweeping

Due to the choice of tree burial, it may become difficult to locate the exact place of my burial for grave sweeping in the long run. However, the grave sweeping ceremony during Ching Ming Festival (or the third day of the lunar March) cannot be avoided. It is essential for all four of my children to find a time when everyone is available to return to our ancestral home in Changhua and pay respects in front of the ancestral tablet. This occasion will also help maintain the bond between siblings.


十八) 喪事圓滿後

1 遺物分配



  xxx 半K金時間錶 給___

  xxx潛水錶 (雙時區) 給___


 2 遺產分配


18.After the completion of the funeral:

  1. Distribution of Personal Belongings:

The descendants who receive these collectibles are encouraged to preserve them as memorabilia if possible.

xxx (dual time zone) watch

xxx 14K gold watch: to ___

xxx diving watch (dual time zone): to ___

xxx steel ballpoint pen: to ___

  1. Distribution of Estate:

This will be handled according to the plan prepared by xx Accounting Firm.


  1. 讓益鋭股份有限公司持續經營下去
  2. 我的個人官網維護,如果有興趣維護的兒女,可主動接掌這個吃力不討好的工作,如果大家沒興趣就讓它自動結束。
  3. 林氏宗親族譜的更新及再版,可以每十年更新一次。


4 器官捐贈


5 其他的遺物:


  1. 可以是送人,如果對方不介意的話
  2. 拿去二手商品網站拍賣,拍賣所得可以捐給公益、慈善團體,或由你們自己分配所得。
  3. 不重要、不值錢的遺物,可以給垃圾回收。
  4. 如果感念父親養育之恩,你們可以選擇一樣我生平常用的小東西,永遠保存,做為留念。

3.Preservation of My Tangible and Intangible Assets Earned Throughout My Life:

⑴ Ensuring the continued operation of easywell water systems.Inc.

Person in charge:

⑵ Maintenance of my personal website. If any of my children are interested in maintaining it, they can voluntarily take over this challenging and thankless task. If no one is interested, it can be allowed to automatically terminate.

⑶ Updating and reissuing the Lin Family Genealogy every ten years.

Person in charge:

4.Organ Donation:

Due to my advanced age, organ donation is not considered.

5.Other Belongings:

For items deemed unimportant, it is up to you to decide:

  1. They can be gifted to others if the recipients don't mind.
  2. They can be sold on second-hand marketplaces, and the proceeds can be donated to public welfare or charity organizations, or distributed among yourselves.
  3. Unimportant and valueless items can be disposed of through garbage recycling.
  4. If you feel grateful for my upbringing, you can choose one item that I frequently used during my lifetime and preserve it as a keepsake.


  1. 記得將我的姓名刻在五樓神明廳的公嬤牌匾上(打開公嬤龕,抽出正面已刻字的木板,在木板背面就是要刻上我的名字的)。神明桌上現存的公嬤牌匾(還有觀世音佛祖佛像)是我最喜歡的,切記不要丟棄,神明桌務必經常保持清潔。
  2. 記得在神明廳的公嬤牌匾燒香跟我的父母(林錦森、林陳彩雲)稟報,我往生的消息。

19.Post-death arrangements

  1. Remember to have my name engraved on the plaque of the ancestral hall on the fifth floor (Open the ancestral hall, remove the wooden board with the inscriptions on the front, and engrave my name on the back of the board). The existing plaque of the ancestral hall (along with the statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva) is my favorite. Please make sure not to discard it, and keep the ancestral hall clean regularly.
  2. Remember to offer incense and inform my parents (Lin Jin Sen and Lin Chen Cai Yun) of my passing at the ancestral hall.


二十) 百日


20.Hundredth Day Ritual:

The ritual performed after a person's passing for one hundred days is called the "Hundredth Day Ritual." Whether to hold this ritual or not, I have no particular preference. However, if it is conducted, please keep it simple and use vegetarian dishes for the offerings.


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